HKWT · Kai Tak

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When it comes to the place of Kai Tak, it is well-known for its historical background - Kai Tak International Airport and the culinary delights.

Kai Tak International Airport was officially opened in 1925, and the airport building and runway are located in the middle of the city and Victoria Harbour, surrounded by mountains on three sides, making it one of the ten most dangerous airports in the world. Kai Tak Airport was closed at the same time after the completion of the Chek Lap Kok Airport in 1998. The old airport has now been converted into the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. Apart from berthing cruise ships, the rooftop park at the end of the old airport runway is a great place that shall not be missed, you may enjoy panoramic views of Victoria Harbour there.  

With the long history of Kowloon City, you can feel a unique atmosphere there. Several ethnic groups from all over Asia have taken root here, where you can find fresh Southeast Asian herbs, fruits, spices and spicy Thai cuisine.

Today, you can no longer see the breathtaking take-off and landing scene in Kai Tak but you may find a prosperous international cruise port. There are more opportunities in the future, which is the most enduring scenery under the Lion Rock.