Weather Arrangements

In times of typhoons, since the ever-changing sea state is different from land condition, to ensure the safety and security of passengers and crew, apart from taking the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal into account, our company should make the proper sailing arrangements for ferry service suspension and resumption based on the following decisive factors:

1. Severe gale, freak waves and storm tides that affect vessels’ stability and operation
2. The sea condition on route especially the safety concern about navigation in open water area

To protect our passengers and maintain the pier operation in order, please take note of the following arrangements:

1. When the typhoon weakens, we will conduct a trial run of vessel deployment by experienced Masters under safety conditions to confirm the sea state is suitable for navigation and conclude the schedules of service resumption

2. Our pier staff are required to examine the pier facilities and ensure the availability of sufficient manpower to cope with the upsurge in passenger demand prior to the re-opening of piers. The main gate at pier will reopen for entry within 30 minutes prior to the departure of first sailing after ferry resumption

3. Passengers are advised to pay attention to the updated service resumption arrangements through media announcements, our Website (, Mobile Apps and up-to-date recorded messages made available at Customer Service Hotline. Please stay home or safe places prior to the ferry resumption and refrain from going to the pier prematurely.
For enquiries, please call our Customer Service Hotline or contact frontline staff at piers.